Tonic Shimmer Matt Black- Copper Photochromic


The Shimmer range triumphs over other polarised eyewear in the market. A classic design pioneered over 30 years ago. These frames will reduce side glare and increase clarity with a sweeping field of vision to ensure that you never miss a moment in the great outdoors..

TONIC Eyewear are a company born from passion with dedication to producing the finest sunglass optics for Australian conditions, some of the harshest on the planet. TONIC’s unique VistaView™ lenses represent the culmination of a 27-year quest to constantly push the boundaries in optical technology.

Now it’s your turn to push your own boundaries, to raise the bar and to do and see things that you previously would have missed, all with the aid of TONIC Polarised Eyewear.

TONIC Glass Photochromic Lenses, Copper or Grey, darken and lighten depending on ambient light conditions. These lenses have been designed and developed to give the highest quality optics in all conditions.

Team this with TONIC’s ARC (Anti Reflective Coating) to absorb dangerous reflective glare from entering your eyes plus the decentered properties of our lenses for accuracy and depth, gives you, the wearer, a view that is truly overwhelming in the optics field.