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Port Augusta's most trusted repairer

At CBR Cycle Garage, we only use industry renowned Park Tools. Park Tools are known for their reliability and are one of the most popular brands in the industry.

We have the tools and expertise to perform all servicing and repairs on your bicycle, ebike and BMX. Whether it be replacing a tube, truing wheels , removing headsets or cutting steerer tubes, you can trust CBR Cycle Garage.


Bike servicing should be performed at regular intervals.

Depending on how regular you ride your bike and what sort of conditions you ride in determines how often it should be serviced.

As a golden rule, every 6 months you should get it checked over by a qualified mechanic.

We can come pick your bike up, take it away to service it, then drop it back to you ready to go.

Gears & Brakes

Brakes and gears are two of the most crucial parts of your bike.

The gears need to stay clean and well adjusted to get the most out of them. Under normal conditions if your gears begin not functioning properly something  needs to be adjusted by a qualified bicycle mechanic. you may have bent a derailleur hanger or are in need of a new gear cable.

The Brakes on a bike a vital as they maintain your safety. Brake pads need to be replaced periodically as they can go "Hard" and this reduces braking capacity. Also if using disc brakes, the discs and pads need to be cleaned regularly as muck and grime can hinder performance.

All of these services can be performed by CBR cycle specialist.

Wheels Truing

At CBR we can straighten up those bent wheels, or even custom build you a wheel to your specification. All done with quality parts, and put together by someone with 21 years of wheel building experience and using Park Tools, including the Park Tools truing stand that not only gets your wheels straight, it makes sure they are round and will be centred on your bike upon installing.

Local Pick Up & Delivery Available

We know it can be difficult to find the time to drop a bike off for repairs or servicing, or to simply fit it in the car in the first place. That's why CBR Cycle Garage offers a pick up / drop off service in Port Augusta.

Simply tell us that you require this service when you book your bike in for it's service or repair. We will book a time with you outside normal business hours to pick it up so you don't have to worry about missing work or other commitments.

Then, when the bike service or repair is completed, we will contact you to book a time to deliver.