$6,999.00 $7,499.00
The Surron Light Bee X Electric Dirt Bike - the worlds most favourite electric bike gets even better for 2023 with some excellent improvements to battery capacity, suspension and braking!


Since its introduction in 2016 and boasting a suave reputation the Sur-Ron Light Bee Dirt Bike means serious business and serious competition. It's not hard to see why this world wide phenomenon is taking on the likes of the conventional petrol bikes fiercely - but take note this is by no means a street legal bicycle, this is strictly a private property use dirt bike.

Take to the trails with the Light Bee X, which comes as standard with the X Controller and 3KW Mid Motor which will output up to 6KW of serious dirt! Some say this Dirt Bike is comparable to a conventional 110-125cc combustion engine bike and makes for the perfect outdoor expedition, trail bike, farm bike or the weekend recreational rider, which with this said is an ideal bike for almost all ages.

Conquer Sand, Hills, Dirt, Grass and more with ease on the Surron Dirt Bike. Now with Upgraded 4 Piston Brakes, a Removable and Swappable 40AH Panasonic Battery with premium 21700 cells and a seriously lightweight Aluminium construction, this is a bike that will not only combat rust but it also charges in record time with the included 10A Fast Charger of 3-4hrs!

 This Bike is strictly for OFF ROAD USE ONLY - NOT a Street Legal Bicycle by any means!

2023 LBX Key Features:

NEW 40AH 21700 Cell Panasonic Battery
20% Range Increase from 55km to 75km (Cruising @40km/h)
New Power Output Increase to 6KW
Top Speed 75km/h